It’s All About Making Your Job Easier

Our mission and passion is to provide a great product to make overhead drilling a breeze. We have accepted that mission and believe we have developed unique products that do just that.

Some of the benefits of our tools

Work safer and be more productive

If you work, safer, faster and get more work done with less effort, you have won the day. Your job just got easier.

Avoid costly workers compensation claims

By keeping workers off ladders and lifts you can easily reduce injury and shoulder strains.

Industry best Silica containment

We have industry best silica capture containing nearly all of the silica dust when drilling into concrete.

Reduce the use of ladders and lifts

Before the Skydrill and Spring Hammer were available, drilling holes in the ceiling required the use of a ladder or scaffolding.

Has your job instituted the ladders last policy?

When it comes to working safely, there are no shortcuts. We can help you comply while impacting your productivity in a positive way. Better productivity, safer working environment, these are just a few ways Accelerated Fastening helps you keep on top of your bottom line, and your company’s safety record.