Kwik look at the SkyDrill™

The SkyDrill™ is a pneumatic cylinder mounted on a rugged steel base with castors. Any SDS+ or SDS Max drill easily mounts to the top of the cylinder on our drill saddle. The SkyDrill can drill ceilings up to 14’-6” high. It has a convenient control stand which makes for easy job-site maneuvering with a handy joystick style valve to move the drill up or down and electrical controls. Here are the details and specs…

The SkyDrill specifications and pricing

Comes complete with:
  • Dust Collection System
  • 8 Gallon DeWalt HEPA Dust Extractor (Vac)
  • Utility Stand with Joystick & electric controls
  • DeWalt Compressor

Only $6,740.00

Weight 165 lbs.

Height without saddle mounted 83”

Standard Skydrill drilling range is 9’-6”-14’-6”

Mini-me version drilling range is 7’-6” -11’6″

Width 26” Can easily fit through residential door

Vertical drilling pressure up to 250 pounds

Control stand with electrical drum switch to alternately power drill and vacuum or compressor so no circuits are overloaded. Uses Parker pneumatic joystick style control valve with quick disconnect air fittings to air supply and to The SkyDrill™ cylinder.

Minimum air requirement of 70 psi, up to to 140psi. 2.5 CFM per minute required for concrete drilling.

Universal Drill Saddle assembly, comes as standard equipment. This saddle is designed to accept any drill. Please let us know what drill you intend to use as some SDS Max drills require some different component parts.

Additional Saddle assembly fitted with Dust Collection option $465. One comes as standard equipment with the Skydrill

Auto trigger for use with battery drills $255.00

Silica dust containment system comes as standard equipment and is OSHA table one compliant and includes utility pole, vacuum hose, and dust collection assembly that bolts on to the drill saddle. A HEPA vac ,also included, is capable of effectively extracting silica dust during concrete drilling.

Cost justification. The SkyDrill™ can pay for itself in as little as a week on a large job. Jobs that move slower may take as long as 3-4 weeks for a payback, at that rate it should earn a place on your equipment list and also make your worksite safer. Accelerated Fastening continues to add functionality and improvements to the SkyDrill™ and KwikPole™ systems™ as we implement worksite solutions suggested by our customers.

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