Kwik look at the SkyDrill™

The SkyDrill™ is a pneumatic cylinder mounted on a rugged steel base with castors. Any SDS+ or SDS Max drill easily mounts to the top of the cylinder on our drill saddle. The SkyDrill can drill ceilings up to 14’-6” high. It has a convenient control stand which makes for easy job-site maneuvering with a handy joystick style valve to move the drill up or down and electrical controls. Here are the details and specs…

The SkyDrill specifications and pricing

Comes complete with:
  • Dust Collection System
  • 8 Gallon DeWalt HEPA Dust Extractor (Vac)
  • Utility Stand with Joystick & electric controls
  • DeWalt Compressor

Only $6,470.00

Weight 105 lbs.

Height without saddle mounted 76.5”
Vertical reach 16’-6” with offset extension
Width 27.5” Can easily fit through residential door
Vertical drilling pressure up to 250 pounds
Handle with Triplite GFI multiple outlet strip and Parker pneumatic joystick style control valve with quick disconnect air fittings to air supply and to The SkyDrill™ cylinder
Minimum air requirement of 70 psi, up to to 140psi. 2.5 CFM per minute for concrete drilling, 4 cfm for drywall fastening
5’ adjustable extension with off-set allows for an additional 4’-6” of vertical reach

Saddle assembly, Anodized aluminum. $225. One comes as standard equipment.
Additional Saddle assembly fitted with Dust Collection option $465. One comes as standard equipment with the Skydrill

Auto trigger for use with battery drills $255.00

Dust collection system includes utility pole, vacuum hose, and dust collection assembly that bolts on to the drill saddle. A small shop vac is capable of effectively extracting silica dust during concrete drilling. Note: the dust collection system is designed to be used with 6” drill bits

Removable pie shaped accessory shelf for SkyDrill base $125.00

Regulator for nitrogen tank and 3’ airline. $145.00 (Nitrogen tank not included)

Cost justification. The SkyDrill™ can pay for itself in as little as a week on a large job. Jobs that move slower may take as long as 3-4 weeks for a payback, at that rate it should earn a place on your equipment list and also make your worksite safer. Accelerated Fastening continues to add functionality and improvements to the SkyDrill™ and KwikPole™ systems™ as we implement worksite solutions suggested by our customers.

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Kwik Look… The KwikPole system has the following capabilities and benefits:

We manufacture a complete system of telescoping KwikPoles to drill holes and fasten various fasteners and fittings to ceilings. Both drilling and fastening are done from the safety of the floor, in most cases eliminating the need for ladders or lifts.

Ergonomic and easy to use

Drills with dust collection achieving silica dust containment.

Increases productivity and safety, reduces physical stress on the worker.

Installs complete assemblies in one operation.

Installs any anchor from the floor. Drop-ins, sleeve, powder actuated or screw-in.

Can fasten anchors to the ceiling from the safety of the floor.

Tools developed jointly by a skilled tradesman and industrial designer

All of the tools offered by Accelerated Fastening are made to be ergonomically optimized, that is to say, they have a real ease of use and allow the user to optimize their body position and body mechanics to make difficult jobs easier.

Increase safety and productivity while reducing fatigue and repetitive motion injuries.

Kwik Pole Drill Press

If you have ever drilled several holes in a concrete ceiling from a ladder you’ve done one of the nastiest jobs in construction. Our KwikPole drill press is easily equipped with either a standard battery drill or SDS+ drill. The drill can be telescoped into position, then using the drill lever even a 3/4” hole in concrete can be drilled easily.

Spring Hammer accessory

Many ceiling anchors require impact to “set” them, i.e. drop in anchors, and this is usually done with a hammer. Accelerated Fastening allows both stainless steel poles from either the short or long KwikPole to have a Spring Hammer attached via our modular coupling system. This allows for ultimate install flexibility eliminating the difficult task of hammering in an anchor from an awkward position on a ladder or lift.


Nearly all of our accessories have been developed by request from tradesman who have seen our tools in action. Accelerated Fastening believes that tools that can reduce multiple operations to a single operation will command a place in the tradesman toolbox. We have an ever expanding line of accessories that allow the craftsman to insert both the fastener, a threaded rod AND an accessory all in one operation.

Three different KwikPoles are available. All three feature a convenient telescoping action and our modular coupling system allows for the quick interchange of accessories without the need for a tool. This modular coupling feature allows the user to switch accessories in seconds.