Tools for Increased Productivity

All of our tools offer ergonomically effective ways to help you work more safely, prevent soft tissue damage, and be more productive. In addition to the Skydrill we offer:

Industry Best Silica Containment

Complies with recent 2017 OSHA silica dust regulations going into effect June 23rd 2017

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Soft Tissue Damage Prevention

Keep workers working and avoid costly workers compensation claims

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Reduce the need for ladders & lifts

Stay off of ladders and reduce your reliance on lifts by drilling and installing from the floor

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Unfair competitive Advantage

Complete difficult jobs faster, easier, and safer, all while maximizing body mechanics

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Pays for itself in 2 weeks or less

The SkyDrill Savings Calculator
How much will you save using The SkyDrill? Expect productivity increases of at least 200% to 500%, and even more if you have no other trades to slow you down. Simply enter the number of holes you drill in an hour and your burdened hourly rate in the appropriate boxes, then hit “Calculate” to calculate. And remember, you’ll save even more if you use the Spring Hammer, too!

Standard Cost of The SkyDrill:


  • Dust Collection System
  • 8 Gallon DeWalt Hepa Dust Extractor (Vac)
  • Utility Stand with Joystick and Electrical controls
  • DeWalt Compressor

Number of 3/8″ holes drilled/hour:
5.5 (NECA Standard)

Enter hourly rate:

Target holes / hour:


Hours until payoff:


Job Site Drilling Solutions for Increased Productivity

Drill holes with ease and with industry best OSHA Compliant Silica Containment

Drill holes with ease & with
industry best Silica Containment

Increase your company’s overall productivity by 2-5 times instantly

Install any type of fastener
from the floor or a lift



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